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Now each physician can use for setting APPOINTMENTS & PILL REMINDERS! Now for $9.99 per month, per physician*, you can enroll each & every patient. Help eliminate no shows for appointments and the "I forgot to take my pills when I should" problems of patient care. Simply enroll your members, and they will receive an email or text, reminding them of their appointments, or to take their pills on time. Now solve the two problematic issues that most physicians experience. Groups, associations & insurance plans, please fill in form below, for volume pricing.

The process is simple and straight-forward;

1. Enroll your patient through your account with
(JUST user name, password, email address and/or cell phone number) - (no privacy information needed)
(PayPal keeps all privacy information for physician & member enrollment, NOT

2. Set up any appointment or pill reminders prescribed for them.

3. Record the user-name & password information in their files, for future use.

4. Give the patient their own personal login information to take with them.

5. Both the office and patient/member can now add appointment & pill reminders at will.
(...or add any other type of reminder/message they desire. "pick up pizza & milk...")

Save hundreds, even thousands with our discounted appointment & pill reminder service from! Sign up today!

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